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Cryptocurrency Courses

Put the first button correctly. to confidently step into the digital financial world


"Cryptocurrency is becoming a new issue that many people pay attention to After the price of Bitcoin has risen past 2 million baht per Bitcoin during Songkran 2021

Many people are interested and want to participate in the exploitation of this new asset. That the billionaires call it Digital Gold or gold in the digital age.

Many people want to start But it looks complicated and complicated. I don't know where to start. Even listening to many great scholars, it's hard to understand.

So I have designed various courses. Out for everyone who can be called without any basics. able to start strong as if the first button was pressed correctly to move forward with a correct understanding

May you all have fun and meet the wealth opportunities of the financial world in the 5G era."

Teacher Fon Narinrit

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert since 2018

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Crypto 101

basic understanding of the subject matter cryptocurrency and ways to generate income

eLearning: 2 hours

Study anywhere, anytime

Crypto trading 101

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Trading chart analysis and strategies to increase profit opportunities Reduce the chance of losing money.

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DeFi 101

Decentralized Finance, a new era of banking without banks Returns many times more than the bank.

Understand first, go first, benefit first.

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Crypto Security

Keeping Cryptocurrency Safe Stay away from cyber crooks and never get lost.

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