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by AFON Cyber


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Secure Culture Development Program

Think Secure | Act Secure | Be Prepared

For more information, please contact Email


            As most companies are on their way toward digital transformation and a number of regulations and legislations are enforced to address the even-more-severe cyber threats, CYBERSECURITY becomes one of the most crucial components that help organizations conquer with such challenges. Cybersecurity is not only about the technical component. The most important one and the weakest link is always about people or users using the technology. And the only way to strengthen this weakest link is to build awareness and shape proper behavior through the SECURE CULTURE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.


Target Groups

  1. Management

  2. IT/OT Users

  3. IT/OT Department

Note: IT = Information Technology; OT = Operational Technology ex. SCADA, DCS, PLC, RTU, BAS and etc.



  1. One shot

  2. Annual Program (52 weeks)


Possible Activities

  1. Event: Cybersecurity Awareness Day

  2. Class: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  3. e-Article

  4. Infographic

  5. e-Learning

  6. Short movies and clips

  7. Internal policy and guideline communication

  8. Ambassador and contest

  9. Cyber drill


Key Success Factors

  1. Tone from the top and lead by example

  2. Measurable result

  3. Behavioral improve

  4. Real-world recent case-studies

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